Choir sing at Cabot Circus

An Oscar Winning Performance!

On Thursday 5th May at 10:20am, Choir were poised and ready to sing on the balcony of Cabot Circus for what was to be their biggest appointment yet! They sang a repertoire of six songs, including ‘Rockin’ All Over the World’ and ‘Thank You for the Music’, performing them beautifully. Choir were fortunate to be supported by a fantastic group of parents and the public.

 Behind the Scenes!

After their hard work, Craig the Operations Manager treated choir to a tour around the less familiar section of Cabot Circus. Choir were taken down to the basement of the complex where they could see vast lengths of cables that powered the shopping centre. Children were then shown the loading area where lorries deliver to the stores, every lorry is spot checked for security! Finally, choir were taken to the control centre where they discovered that the CCTV had captured their performance!

Choir had a fantastic time and were amazed to discover that Cabot Circus had cost five-hundred million pounds to build!

Thinking about you all - keep busy, stay safe and keep healthy in mind and body - love from us all at Cleve House!
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